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Animals with Bizarre Looks

The world is full of some truly bizarre creatures.Some of the strangest animals on earth was hardly known till date…

Everyone of us are intrigued by the weirdest live creations on earth, they exhibit certain characteristic features different from other species. Yet they each serve an ecological purpose and they are fascinating in their own right.
Here, we will get a known some of the strangest animals on earth. Mentioned below are some of the most weird animals along with their distinctive characteristics.


Tower Made Up of Books

Recycling books has never been so monumentally beautiful — and ultimately lasting — as when 30,000 volumes were assembled to create the “Tower of Babel.”


11 Insane Features of Normal Human Anatomy

Sure, we’ve wowed you with medical oddities, but why should abnormal bodies get all the attention? The truth about the normal human body can be stranger than fiction. To prove it, here are 11 weird facts about the body you thought you knew.


Snake with two heads: Albino Snake

A rare two-headed albino Honduran milk snake was hatched a few days before Halloween in an incubation chamber by University of Central Florida biologist Daniel Parker. Now, just in time for Thanksgiving, the extraordinary snake has taken its first meal: a baby mouse.

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